Don’t be your Child’s BFF by Jake

In the article we read by Andrew Reiner talked about how he witnessed a Mom with her daughters and how she was and acting and talking like them as well.  He talks about examples of these cases and how lots of parents try to be like their kids.  They use kid slang or try to act the same way and have the same hobbies.  The author states his opinions throughout the article.  The article we read called Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” made me believe that parents should not try to act “cool” and try to fit in with their kids because they have responsibilities as an adult.

I believe adults have a lot of responsibilities like making money, feeding their family, and supplying food and a home.  When they have a child it gives them even more responsibilities like taking care of their child, being a role model, and showing them the right thing to do.  If the parent(s) are so busy trying to be “cool” or the kids BFF how are they supposed to be a role model.  Parents always have a strong relationship with their children but a parent child relationship and a friends child relationship are very different.  Friends are there to hang out with and to help you along the way.  A parent is there to encourage you and help you know what to do and be there for you when you’re in need of help.

In all I believe it is not ok for parents to try to be like their kid or be their kid’s BFF because they have too many other responsibilities.  It is ok for parents to hang out with their kids sometimes because that’s what families do but do not try to become your kids best friend that is not their Mom or Dad’s job.



2 thoughts on “Don’t be your Child’s BFF by Jake

  1. I like how you said they have to many other responsibilities to do instead of being their childs bff, and I also liked how you said kids have their own friends there parents are just there to support.


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