“Cool” Parents by Maxwell

Parents think they are cool or hip, as my father says, just because they try to act my age and relate to me when they really cannot. Recently, I read the article Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” written by Andrew Reiner and this is my opinion on it.

When you are at home and it is just your family it can be funny when your parents make jokes and try to act your age, but not when you have friends over. It can get to a point where your friends question and make fun of you just because of your parents, but let’s be real here. Parents are supposed to be funny and make fun of you and you are supposed to take it and not be mad. Some people say that parents should not try to act younger than they are but in my opinion I really do not care at all. My friends come over all the time. They know my whole family is weird and honestly I could care less what my parents say when they are trying to be cool. I know that other people think that parents should act there age for other reasons like them having to be superior or the law of the house. The fact that parents did not grow up with so much technology surrounding them so they don’t understand how to use it as well as we do. We know what is happening and what is “in” because we talk to people and we come up with our own language and sayings within our friend group as some might say. Parents should not try to act younger than they are because kids would not take them seriously when they actually take charge. There has to be some fine line between being your kid’s friend and their authority. Kids do not want their parents to be super strict all of the time but they also do not want them always joking around and trying to be funny. My mother has an Instagram. As much as I think it is weird for her to have one. I feel like its a good way for her to stay updated. She still does not know how to post or comment on the app yet but once she figures it out, wish me luck.

Parents can be funny sometimes they just need to understand that they are the parent and they are in control. They should not be too over protective and get social media accounts to snoop on their kid but they should stay updated in the kids life. If you are the parent, you are the only person that is supposed to be there for them 100 percent of the time. No matter how mad you get at them just remember they love you and you love them no matter how strict or relaxed you are.


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