Cool Parents By Jeb

Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool”

In Andrew Reiner’s article about parents who try too hard to be cool, he makes some important points. One is how parents that try to impress their kids by buying all the things that they want or by talking the way their kids talk. Reiner says that parents are too worried about being cool and that they don’t provide a good role model.

I have seen this in other kids’ parents, but my parents don’t try to be like me and they don’t buy me everything that I want. I think this is a good thing because if I have everything I want when I want it, I won’t appreciate things as much. Another example is how some parents reward the kids with money or electronics because they get an A on their quiz or for doing chores. I think kids should just get the reward of being proud.

Another point Reiner makes is that the Internet encourages kids to voice their opinion and try to be cool. He also says that kids that are on the Internet a lot are very anxious because they are always worrying what other people think of them. One reason for this is that people are always posting things on social media to try and make themselves look cool, and they are constantly worrying about what other people think about them.


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