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Parents Should Not Get Involved With Kids’ Lives and Social Food Chains. By Joffre

In the article “Parents you’re not doing your kid any good trying to ‘be cool” Andrew Reiner describes a mother in a fast-food restaurant sitting with her three teenage daughters and they were talking about a teacher and making fun of a teacher from their school, focusing on her appearance. The mother said “Yeah, she could really stand to lose a few pounds. And what’s up with that hair, right?” This kind of behavior blurs the definition of “cool” and the role of parent.

The definition is usually only used to describe the people who are not school outcasts like the geeks and nerds. It is used to describe “popular” people within the social hierarchy. While people think cool today is a good thing, it is really a hidden way to bully and put down other people It is an effort to make them look small in their own eyes. When the mother thinks herself cool by making fun of the teacher, she is really being gullible and falling for today’s social hierarchy where people are bullied to the point of suicide every day just because of the “cool” people, who are nothing but people who have low self-esteem and make people look smaller than them to make themselves feel better. While parents may think that this is not true, they are supporting the “cool” kids in their role in the social food chain where social lives have become Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest.” This ruins kids’ lives daily and has gotten worse with the advancement of social media and the support of unsuspecting parents.

Don’t be your Child’s BFF by Jake

In the article we read by Andrew Reiner talked about how he witnessed a Mom with her daughters and how she was and acting and talking like them as well.  He talks about examples of these cases and how lots of parents try to be like their kids.  They use kid slang or try to act the same way and have the same hobbies.  The author states his opinions throughout the article.  The article we read called Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” made me believe that parents should not try to act “cool” and try to fit in with their kids because they have responsibilities as an adult.

I believe adults have a lot of responsibilities like making money, feeding their family, and supplying food and a home.  When they have a child it gives them even more responsibilities like taking care of their child, being a role model, and showing them the right thing to do.  If the parent(s) are so busy trying to be “cool” or the kids BFF how are they supposed to be a role model.  Parents always have a strong relationship with their children but a parent child relationship and a friends child relationship are very different.  Friends are there to hang out with and to help you along the way.  A parent is there to encourage you and help you know what to do and be there for you when you’re in need of help.

In all I believe it is not ok for parents to try to be like their kid or be their kid’s BFF because they have too many other responsibilities.  It is ok for parents to hang out with their kids sometimes because that’s what families do but do not try to become your kids best friend that is not their Mom or Dad’s job.


Parents can be cool to. By: Sebastian

Parents that are trying to be like their kids I think are just trying to have a better bond with their kids. They do whatever they see their kids doing and it doesn’t usually end up as well as they expected it to.

Sometimes the parents aren’t good role models when they try this because they send the wrong message towards their kids. But it’s not always a bad thing that they act that way because maybe the kid doesn’t get affected by it that much and they just think of that as their parents. Kids always say that they wish their parents would understand them but I don’t think tin that way.

I think that parents should try to be a little cool but not take it over the top. So they should be able to do some things but not as much as their children.


Parents these days by Ahmad

My response to Andrew Reiner’s article Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” was that parents should be able to try to fit in with their kid sometimes. But also other times kids might be embarrassed by their parents in public.

Kids will embarrassed by it in public and with their friends. Sometimes even my mom will embarrass me in public or with my friends. Then sometimes I might see a friend or a girl from my school and she will point her out.  I thing Andrew described how they will with their friends and with good detail. Parents don’t really know if they are embarrassing there child or not. Your parents might try to be cool with you sometimes to try to fit in with you. They might try to join social media and connect with you and your friends from school.

Parents these days are trying to connect with there children and they cant help it because they want to be close. The kid might not like it but the parents thinks its cool. Parents are trying to spend every minute they can with there child. Every second is valuable to them in many types of ways.

Why parents try to be cool by Logan

I think that it was obvious that the mom in the Washington post article, “Parents, your not doing your kids any favor by being cool” was playing it cool for her kid’s love. A lot of parents do this and I think depending on how far they take it that its sometimes o.k for parents to try to be cool if they keep it to a respectable level.

I think the main reason they try to be cool is to be closer to us and usually when they try to start being “cool” is when we start pulling away on our own. Parents eventually will have to let go of their child but when they don’t when we want them to it starts getting out of hand. I think its fine to talk to your kids about stuff outside of the regular parent/kid talks about chores, school, etc.

Most of the time when parents are trying to be “cool” its a sign of resistance to letting their kids go. I think there is a limit to parents who try to be cool. I’m not completely against it but they have to know when to stop or when its getting out of hand.