Relatable Title by Ahmad

The title the outsiders is very relatable to the group because there had no contact with any other groups or people at school. They only communicate with their social group called the greasers. They only hang out with each other all the time. The greasers are like a family, they all care about each other and dally is like the mom. They all have each other’s back all the time no matter what, from gang fights to problems in school. Many people don’t concern about the greasers and neither do they. The know they have each other’s back at all times, so they are never worried about not having friends or being alone in a gang fight.

Other people look at them like they are outsiders because they are and they don’t care about them. The grease don’t care back at them because they know they have each other instead of any others. They aren’t show offs but people just don’t talk to them because they don’t talk to other people as much because they don’t enjoy them. The greasers don’t care if there outsiders because they are like family and that is all they need. They are outsiders with each other and they don’t care about anybody but there social group or family, the greasers.



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