How does the Gang surrogate as a Family? by Josh


The gang surrogates as a family in the way of an actual family, because since Ponyboy and Sodapop’s parents were killed in a car crash so they were left on their own. While Johnny is constantly at Pony and Soda’s house or sleeping somewhere else because his parents are constantly fighting or beating up Johnny. Dally just is a man who moved from New York to get away from all the gangs and action, but he came and found that there is still gangs and there is still fighting. Darry is just a normal guy who had a chance to be successful but his family had no money to pay for his college tuition. Of course there’s always Two-Bit and Steve but they’re not as close as the others because they have other people.

With all these differences, but also having equalities causes them to become really close. Also the factor of them being greasers adds onto the effect that they have with each other because greasers stick together no matter what. Pony and Darry fight a lot but it’s because Darry cares for Pony and he feels Pony is the only one out of them who has a chance to go to college and be successful, and Pony may get mad from time to time on how Darry treats him but he never ends up hating Darry. In all it’s the differences that really bring them together because if they were all the same then they wouldn’t get along as well because they all would have the same identity as each other and there would be no life in their “Family”.


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