Outsiders in 2014 by Max

Although The Outsiders is dated, teenagers still create language and sayings within groups or cliques out of identity no matter what decade. There are many things like stereotypes that haven’t changed much. There is a lot of dialogue that has changed too. There are a ton of small things that have changed throughout the years that have to do with social norms as well. No matter what you do stereotypes will always be around. They are sometimes mean and discriminating towards one certain group of people. They can also just be something that a large group of people do, like Americans drink coffee and British drink tea.

The stereotypes have changed only a little. There may be a group of “greasers” somewhere in the world but they probably are not doing the exact same thing as greasers in the story. The “socs” are definitely here in 2014. There are still kids who are rich and think they can do whatever they want just because their parents have money. Those are the main two stereotypes in the story and they contrast each other so well. They are basically the exact opposite and that’s why it makes a good story. They clash into each other because they have the same traits having to do with being a family and always being together but they hate each other.

The dialogue of teens have changed a lot. They say a lot of things that I definitely wouldn’t say today. Some little pieces of dialogue were thrown in every once in a while like Ponyboy saying “yessir” to the farmer on page 65. Some other words they used back then were describing things with the word “tuff” and calling fights “rubmbles”. They also said “ain’t” on just about every page. It’s not incorrect it was just how they were and where they lived.

There are also a couple small social norms that would be considered bad or different today. Smoking is one of the. You don’t just see some teens smoking in the middle of town now. If you did you would probably think “oh, those are not good kids”. Back then, it was totally normal and nobody really cared. Some of the characters were confused when some of the adults later in the book asked them to stop smoking because it was bad for them. Stealing was another big one. Now, stealing is very illegal and you can go to jail. Then, it was still illegal but it was a lot easier to get away with it as well. It’s a ton harder to now because of all of the technology and not a lot of people are stupid enough to try it now.

Although the story took place a while back, not a lot of things have changed. Some dialogue has but language is always changing no matter where you are. There will always be cliques in the world no matter how hard you want them gone. The only differences are big social norms from then and now. Greasers


How does the Gang surrogate as a Family? by Josh


The gang surrogates as a family in the way of an actual family, because since Ponyboy and Sodapop’s parents were killed in a car crash so they were left on their own. While Johnny is constantly at Pony and Soda’s house or sleeping somewhere else because his parents are constantly fighting or beating up Johnny. Dally just is a man who moved from New York to get away from all the gangs and action, but he came and found that there is still gangs and there is still fighting. Darry is just a normal guy who had a chance to be successful but his family had no money to pay for his college tuition. Of course there’s always Two-Bit and Steve but they’re not as close as the others because they have other people.

With all these differences, but also having equalities causes them to become really close. Also the factor of them being greasers adds onto the effect that they have with each other because greasers stick together no matter what. Pony and Darry fight a lot but it’s because Darry cares for Pony and he feels Pony is the only one out of them who has a chance to go to college and be successful, and Pony may get mad from time to time on how Darry treats him but he never ends up hating Darry. In all it’s the differences that really bring them together because if they were all the same then they wouldn’t get along as well because they all would have the same identity as each other and there would be no life in their “Family”.

Relatable Title by Ahmad

The title the outsiders is very relatable to the group because there had no contact with any other groups or people at school. They only communicate with their social group called the greasers. They only hang out with each other all the time. The greasers are like a family, they all care about each other and dally is like the mom. They all have each other’s back all the time no matter what, from gang fights to problems in school. Many people don’t concern about the greasers and neither do they. The know they have each other’s back at all times, so they are never worried about not having friends or being alone in a gang fight.

Other people look at them like they are outsiders because they are and they don’t care about them. The grease don’t care back at them because they know they have each other instead of any others. They aren’t show offs but people just don’t talk to them because they don’t talk to other people as much because they don’t enjoy them. The greasers don’t care if there outsiders because they are like family and that is all they need. They are outsiders with each other and they don’t care about anybody but there social group or family, the greasers.


The Outsiders 6 Word Memoir

SodaPop- Handsome like a movie star. – Legend

– Jeb

Master yourself and master the enemy. – Max F.

Deep inside different than others. Always. – Joffre

I became an adult too fast. – Josh

“Tuff” doesn’t always mean you’re “tough.” – Max M.

Enemies are friends, friends are enemies. – Ahmad

Nonfiction but is a real story. – Sebastian

Called a hood, proud of it. – Jake

The conflicts between us get better. – Garrett

Socs are great, greasers are bad. – Logan