Who I Relate to… by Garrett


In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, I most relate to the character Dally because people say I am like him. Although he is a Greaser, I share the characteristics of bravery, loyalty, and quick tempered with him.

Dally and I are tough. Dally I also alike because I am not scared to fight. I’m also brave like Dally. Dally is brave because he always go to fight he looks for fights just for something to do. An example of something I would do that is brave is helping back people up in things or trying things new that might turn out bad or good.

But Dally is not just bad he is also a good friend. Dally is a good friend because he will help you. Dally will help you with fights or he will help you with trouble and I will help you if you have trouble. An example of that is when Jonny killed Bob and Jonny and Pony boy were running away and Dally gave them a gun, money, and told them a good place to hide and Dally came to where they were to check on them after a while. I help people with stuff like what to do for something and how to do it or I help them do what they are trying to do if they seem like they are having trouble.

Dallas and I have a temper by this I mean that your mood can change really quickly and then you can start to get real mad and then blow. Like when I get really mad I want to just punch something really hard. He also likes to make jokes sometimes and I like to do that when I am in a good mood and I only tell the jokes to my close friends.


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