Music As Characterization of the Cliques by Joffre

How does the music that both groups like add to the characterization of the Greasers and Socs?


Elvis was the rebel of rock at the time the book outsiders was made to be in just like the Greasers. They were the rebels of the community fighting the social norms by doing this they made more trouble than you would think. The first time Elvis made his songs they were a gospel jazz. The top seller albums of the time were-1   The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 1967, 2   The Beatles – Abbey Road – 1969, 3   The Beatles – Revolver – 1966, 4   The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album) – 1968, 5   Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 2 – 1969, the first best seller album of Elvis was 42   Elvis Presley – Blue Hawaii – 1961. (Source: Rock Music Time Line).



The Beatles represent the Socs by they wore khakis and where the argent kids. This is just how the Socs where they were the kids who got all they wanted unlike the greasers who were the kids who had to work for what they wanted. This is not to say that the Beatles where argent it is just saying that is how the Socs acted. The Beatles almost all of them grew up in Liverpool in Europe. The beetles where starting off poor they made all their own songs at first before they became famous.



This effected the characterization  of the Greasers and Socs by they followed a certain artist the Greasers followed Elvis and those rebel like artist while the Socs followed the Beatles the more normal down to the norms artists.


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