Color in The Outsiders by Jeb

In the Novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, the author uses color to describe the different characters personalities and to symbolize concepts and ideals. This use of color is found throughout the book. In the book the colors that are used to symbolize things are, blue, red, gold and green. Throughout the book gold is used to signify the beauty in the world. An example of this is how times of the day are used to show how people live their lives, for instance the middle of the day is like the boring stereotypical types of people and the sunset is where you can start over and be a better person. When Johnny dies he writes a letter to Ponyboy that says to stay golden. Johnny is telling Ponyboy to keep on being good and to not go back to being a greaser that is always doing the wrong thing. In the book blue is used to represent trouble with the Soc’s. For example whenever there is a part with the Soc’s there is a blue mustang that they are always in. Also when Bob, who is a Soc, dies he is lying on blue concrete. Some of the Greasers also have blue eyes and they are the ones who get into trouble with the Soc’s.


The Image above is the sunset in The Outsider’s movie. This is significant because gold is a color of most sunsets and it symbolizes beauty and purity.  The two people in this image are discussing how they will become better people and have a fresh start. Gold is a perfect color to represent hope for improvement in life                                                                                                                                                                                          


2 thoughts on “Color in The Outsiders by Jeb

  1. I really enjoyed this! When I heard the topic, I couldn’t understand how these colors could resonate throughout the entire book without being easily noticed. I have one question, however. What would red represent? I get that red is blood and is generally bad, but does it have any deeper meaning?



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