Cliques from 1967 and 2014 by Logan

The novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton holds up in 2014 in terms of cliques but what makes cliques and what each clique likes to do is different than 1967. In 1967, people liked to beat up the other cliques because I guess it was just entertaining to do. They also enjoyed going to movies, mess with each other, etc.

In 2014, we have cliques as well but we don’t do the same things as they did in 1967. We like to play sports, play videogames, etc. In present day we sort of feel left out when we aren’t in a certain clique but in the book, there was no shame for the greasers, they liked being greasers.

In 1967 there were only 2 set cliques but in present day, we have many different cliques. Back then, it wasn’t too much of your personality that mattered in certain cliques it was more how rich you were. Today its more about what you like to do that divides cliques and some hobbies that cliques are made by are more common than others making certain ones more popular in people’s minds.

The novel holds up in 2014. We still have cliques, social groupings and certain hobbies that makes each one but it is still different in 2014 because some of the things that make a clique is different, it allows people to be in multiple cliques and the variety of cliques are different, there isn’t only rich and poor.


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