The Influence of Musical Icons in The Outsiders

In the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton music plays a big role in the Greaser’s and Soc’s culture.  Some of the most well-known artists today performed during this time period.  Some of the most popular songs also came out during this time such as I’m a Believer- The Monkeys Light My Fire- The Doors All you Need is Love- The Beatles and many more.  Ironically the most popular songs in the 1960s specifically 1967 were all about love and being happy when all the Greasers and Socs did were hate each other.  Two or the most important artists in the Outsiders are Elvis Presley and The Beatles because they each represent a social group.

Elvis-Presley-elvis-presley-22316485-2250-2533Elvis was a big role model for the Greasers.  Most of the Greasers worshipped him because how tuff he was.  For the Greasers to be tuff means to look cool, act cool, and just all around be a cool person.  He had tuff hair, tuff look, and a tuff act.  It was any Greaser’s dream to be like Elvis.  That was part of the Greaser influence.  Lots of Greasers greased their hair just like Elvis to look tuff and some like Two Bit acted like him.



The-Beatles-007The Beatles were just the same for the Socs.  All the Socs tried to be like The Beatles and style the hair like them to.  The Greasers notice this too how almost all of the Socs haircuts are like The Beatles.


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