Who I Relate to… by Garrett


In The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, I most relate to the character Dally because people say I am like him. Although he is a Greaser, I share the characteristics of bravery, loyalty, and quick tempered with him.

Dally and I are tough. Dally I also alike because I am not scared to fight. I’m also brave like Dally. Dally is brave because he always go to fight he looks for fights just for something to do. An example of something I would do that is brave is helping back people up in things or trying things new that might turn out bad or good.

But Dally is not just bad he is also a good friend. Dally is a good friend because he will help you. Dally will help you with fights or he will help you with trouble and I will help you if you have trouble. An example of that is when Jonny killed Bob and Jonny and Pony boy were running away and Dally gave them a gun, money, and told them a good place to hide and Dally came to where they were to check on them after a while. I help people with stuff like what to do for something and how to do it or I help them do what they are trying to do if they seem like they are having trouble.

Dallas and I have a temper by this I mean that your mood can change really quickly and then you can start to get real mad and then blow. Like when I get really mad I want to just punch something really hard. He also likes to make jokes sometimes and I like to do that when I am in a good mood and I only tell the jokes to my close friends.


Does the book hold up in 2014? by Max F.

I think the novel does hold up in 2014.  I think it does because of how severe the story is.  I think the common violence is something new to people in our community and in 2014.  If something is new then it will make more of an impact on someone then something they would have seen before.  Also violence is not very common in our daily lives and is a striking subject.  With both of these combined it is an imposing story that makes you think.  In today’s society smoking is viewed is horrible.  This clashes with the book’s view on smoking.  The kids smoke.  I think of that as tough and hard.  The whole book is like that.  I think if It was the other way around and smoking was viewed as horrible back then, but was ok now the book would not hold up.

It would be a whole different situation if the book was not as rough and tough.  I would not think about the actions in the book because there would really be nothing out of the ordinary.  If I was reading the book (non rough and tough) and somebody was being beat up right in front of me, I would pay more attention to the fight.  If I was reading the book like it is in the current state and someone was just having a stupid argument, I would pay more attention to the book.  It would be enough to draw my attention.  If the book was in the situations were opposite the book would be overshadowed by daily occurrences.




Same Characteristics As Soda by Legend


In The Outsiders, of all the characters the one I relate to the most is Soda. Soda is the middle child of the Curtis boy family. Soda is handsome with dark gold straight hair and dark brown eyes. We have a lot of similarities and differences. We have a lot of character in this book to choose from.

Unlike many of the other character me and Soda have similar backgrounds. The first similarity between Soda and I is that he is a greaser an not a Socs. In the book a greaser is a poor person that tries to act tough. I come from a middle class family and I try to act like I am tough. The second similarity between Soda and I is that we have unusual names created by are fathers. The third similarity between Soda and I is that we both have older brothers that try to boss us around all the time, and also think they are tough.

Soda and I also have many personality traits. The first similarity between Soda and I is that we love life and don’t take any days for granted. We show this through the love of hanging out with our friends. The second similarity between Soda and I is that we are easy going and do not like all of the drama in our life. The third similarity between Soda and I is that we are very completive when it comes to a challenge that we have to achieved. The fourth similarity between Soda and I is that we like to look cool by the stuff we wear and by having swag all the time to get the girls.

In conclusion people must see themselves as Darry and Dally because they are to serious, but I see myself as neither because I am not too serious. I am happy, and fun to be around just like Soda is.

60’s music by Sebastian

Music impacted people greatly in the 60’s and impacted the outsiders to. Elvis Presley was a great impact. Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He began his music career when he was 13 years old. He worked with Sam Phillips who is the owner of Sun Records. His first single, Heartbreak Hotel, was the number one song in the US. He became a rock and roll icon just going up from there. In 1958 he was drafted into the military he kept doing music 2 years later. He died of abusing drugs in 1977 at the age of 42.

Another musical icon in the outsiders was Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder was born May 13, 1950. He was said to be a child prodigy starting making music at 11 and is still making music today at the age of 64. He was been blind since shortly after birth and is one of the greatest piano players. He has recorder more than 30 US. Top ten hits and has received 22 Grammy awards. In 2009 he was named the United Nations Messenger of Peace.

The Final group is the Beatles. The Beatles consisted of four members, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison. They were a band that started in Liverpool, England and went to the US. February 7, 1964. They were the biggest band of their time. John Lennon was shot by a crazed fan December 8, 1980 at the age of 40.

George Harrison died of lung cancer November 29, 2001 at the age of 58. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still alive making music.

Elvis inspired the greasers in many ways. The greasers dressed like Elvis and greased their hair back like him to. They relate to him because he was an outsider same as them. He grew up poor and that’s what the greasers are all about. They looked up to him as a role model. His music was emotional and the greasers were emotional to, just look at everything that happens with them.

Stevie Wonder impacted the greasers because he was poor growing up same as them. I feel like he inspired them in a way because of what he could do. Stevie wonder was blind and was an amazing piano player so he inspired them because someone like them growing up poor could do so great so I feel they found that inspirational.

The Beatles were most like the socs. The socs in the book were compared to the Beatles because of their hair and they why they acted. The socs were all about money and their clothes and the Beatles were kind of like that.

Color in The Outsiders by Jeb

In the Novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, the author uses color to describe the different characters personalities and to symbolize concepts and ideals. This use of color is found throughout the book. In the book the colors that are used to symbolize things are, blue, red, gold and green. Throughout the book gold is used to signify the beauty in the world. An example of this is how times of the day are used to show how people live their lives, for instance the middle of the day is like the boring stereotypical types of people and the sunset is where you can start over and be a better person. When Johnny dies he writes a letter to Ponyboy that says to stay golden. Johnny is telling Ponyboy to keep on being good and to not go back to being a greaser that is always doing the wrong thing. In the book blue is used to represent trouble with the Soc’s. For example whenever there is a part with the Soc’s there is a blue mustang that they are always in. Also when Bob, who is a Soc, dies he is lying on blue concrete. Some of the Greasers also have blue eyes and they are the ones who get into trouble with the Soc’s.


The Image above is the sunset in The Outsider’s movie. This is significant because gold is a color of most sunsets and it symbolizes beauty and purity.  The two people in this image are discussing how they will become better people and have a fresh start. Gold is a perfect color to represent hope for improvement in life                                                                                                                                                                                          

Music As Characterization of the Cliques by Joffre

How does the music that both groups like add to the characterization of the Greasers and Socs?


Elvis was the rebel of rock at the time the book outsiders was made to be in just like the Greasers. They were the rebels of the community fighting the social norms by doing this they made more trouble than you would think. The first time Elvis made his songs they were a gospel jazz. The top seller albums of the time were-1   The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 1967, 2   The Beatles – Abbey Road – 1969, 3   The Beatles – Revolver – 1966, 4   The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album) – 1968, 5   Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 2 – 1969, the first best seller album of Elvis was 42   Elvis Presley – Blue Hawaii – 1961. (Source: Rock Music Time Line).



The Beatles represent the Socs by they wore khakis and where the argent kids. This is just how the Socs where they were the kids who got all they wanted unlike the greasers who were the kids who had to work for what they wanted. This is not to say that the Beatles where argent it is just saying that is how the Socs acted. The Beatles almost all of them grew up in Liverpool in Europe. The beetles where starting off poor they made all their own songs at first before they became famous.



This effected the characterization  of the Greasers and Socs by they followed a certain artist the Greasers followed Elvis and those rebel like artist while the Socs followed the Beatles the more normal down to the norms artists.

Cliques from 1967 and 2014 by Logan

The novel The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton holds up in 2014 in terms of cliques but what makes cliques and what each clique likes to do is different than 1967. In 1967, people liked to beat up the other cliques because I guess it was just entertaining to do. They also enjoyed going to movies, mess with each other, etc.

In 2014, we have cliques as well but we don’t do the same things as they did in 1967. We like to play sports, play videogames, etc. In present day we sort of feel left out when we aren’t in a certain clique but in the book, there was no shame for the greasers, they liked being greasers.

In 1967 there were only 2 set cliques but in present day, we have many different cliques. Back then, it wasn’t too much of your personality that mattered in certain cliques it was more how rich you were. Today its more about what you like to do that divides cliques and some hobbies that cliques are made by are more common than others making certain ones more popular in people’s minds.

The novel holds up in 2014. We still have cliques, social groupings and certain hobbies that makes each one but it is still different in 2014 because some of the things that make a clique is different, it allows people to be in multiple cliques and the variety of cliques are different, there isn’t only rich and poor.