Where I Am From… by Joffre G.

I am from the computer desk to school yard.

From the big house surrounded by clones

All the same never changing.

From the first story to the second.

I am from the desk that never stops writing.

The game board that never stops gaming

From the “the Double E ranch” that I will never lose.

I am from pound to the crates from dog to cat

From frogs to Wolves.

From the chatroom to the classroom

From game to game never stop just keep going.

I am from the mother who is a scholar but also a loving mother

From the big brothers that Fight for what is right and our country’s defense

To the father who is fun but firm

I from all of my family.

I am from the brothers of Romulus and Remus always fighting never

Stopping to think. From room to room all the same never changing.

I am the one in the shadows playing the same tune over and over again.

I am from the slayers of zombies to dragons, giants, and other monsters of

the night.

I am from the dark and the light I am the one who never choses a side

From game to game always changing always learning never stopping.

From game to game match to match never winning always trying.


I am from death match, free for all’s to capture the flag.

This is where I am from, this is my life this is my home.


Six Word Strength Memoirs

As part of Whitfield’s Habits of Heart and Mind program our students recently completed the VIA Institute on Character’s “Youth Strengths Survey.” Based on twenty-four strengths (Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Bravery, Creativity, Curiosity, Fairness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Honesty, Hope, Humility, Humor, Judgment, Kindness, Leadership, Love, Love of Learning, Perseverance, Perspective, Prudence, Self-regulation, Social Intelligence, Spirituality, Teamwork, and Zest), the survey helped the students identify their own, unique strength profiles.

Keeping these self-identified strengths in mind, students wrote the following Six Word Memoirs about one of their strengths.

I designed a heart in art.          – Legend A.

Am always thinking of something new.          – Jeb C.

Being careful and being grateful often.         – Max F.

Swirl. Lines. All in one art.          – Joffre G.

I haven’t stopped kicking and won’t.          – Josh L.

Beauty is in everything. Perfection isn’t.          – Max M.

A leader learns to follow first.          – Ahmad M.

Funny, but not the class clown.          – Sebastian R.

It was funnier in my head.          – Jake T.

I work to get it done.          – Garrett W.

When nothing goes right, go left.          – Logan W.